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Built by training managers for training managers.

Loved by users.

There is a certain joy one gets with introducing a system that makes a real difference in an organization and the lives of clients. This page is more than just an introduction to our technology; it’s an expression of our passion and commitment. Here, we offer candid insights into who we are, what we offer, and even what we don’t. It’s a refreshing departure from typical marketing hype—a genuine effort to help you determine if Ability technology is the right fit for your needs. If our values resonate with yours and our solutions align with your requirements, let’s dive deeper with a web meeting. If not, we appreciate your visit and wish you the best in your search. 

The Big Picture

Here are common details that fill in many of the gaps about our product and philosophy. 

Imagine a herd of elephants, and one stands out—vibrant pink and soaring through the sky. Which one do you remember?

At first glance, you might think we’re talking about AbilityLMS. But the real focus is on you.

As remarkable as our technology is, our true mission as a tech company is to elevate your training mission to extraordinary heights and make your department shine.

We achieve this by delivering a system that’s adored by all, coupled with services that give you a competitive edge and a lifestyle enhancement. This edge isn’t just defined by features; it’s about how those features empower you within a best practices framework.

Investing in our technology isn’t just a decision—it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s about making your job easier and enriching the experiences of all users, from frontline staff to executives. This means more time for other tasks, better insights for management, and peace of mind.

As Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. It’s about the people, the leadership, and the understanding of the true essence of innovation.”

When you choose MaxIT, you’re not just getting great technology; you’re getting our expertise and our forward-thinking vision.

There are key pillars to our technology that are important to consider. 

Pillar 1: Cutting-Edge Data Centers Our first pillar revolves around our strategic partnerships with Coresites and AWS. These alliances guarantee top-tier cloud infrastructure, adhering to stringent standards like SOC, NIST, HIPAA, and ISO. Coresites handles secure server co-location, while AWS caters to clients requiring LMS or training tracking solutions when they want to self host, when they need hosting in their native country or when meeting Fedramp standards.

Pillar 2: Versatile Development Architecture Pillar two focuses on our development architecture, designed to function seamlessly on any device—be it a smartphone, tablet, MAC, or PC—with support for modern browsers. Our user-centric Ability apps boast a responsive design, ensuring a visually stunning experience across all screen sizes and device types.

Pillar 3: Security-Driven Development Security is at the core of our development, testing, and quality control processes. Following industry best practices such as OWASP, we integrate security into our design from the outset. Our applications adhere to the various alphabet standards and undergo rigorous Beagle Security and Intrusion detection Certification, with over 15,000 tests conducted each testing cycle.

Pillar 4: Unwavering Accessibility Commitment We are deeply committed to accessibility, aligning where applicable to all three levels of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard, with a focus on achieving level III compliance wherever possible. As accessibility guidelines evolve, we prioritize addressing exceptions as development imperatives, not mere lip service.

Pillar 5: Human-Readable Auditing Our technology ensures transparent auditing of all actions, with each edit, insert, or delete meticulously logged. This audit trail includes the date, time, user, user address, old value, and new value, all presented in a human-readable format. If your business is in life sciences, our design is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 for auditing and electronic signatures.

Pillar 6: Robust Data Protection Data protection is paramount, with client data encrypted both in transit and at rest. Our comprehensive data security policies are available on request and non-disclosure for clients who audit their vendors. For 1 , including Full-HEVCAT compliance for higher education, are accessible to qualified and approved data security personnel.

Pillar 7: Client System Siloing Finally, we prioritize the isolation of client systems, with each subscribing client receiving dedicated infrastructure. This includes a dedicated database, web server(s), storage space, domain, and more, ensuring that client data remains separate and secure—a practice overlooked by many LM vendors.

We prioritize efficiency over extravagance, providing an LMS solution that meets over 95% of common needs at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Our extensive experience ensures smarter processes and effective outcomes, allowing for both cost recovery and labor savings. After three decades of frontline experience, we understand that good design and best practices are key to avoiding complications often magnified by unnecessary features.

Our Position On Gamification 

We are not against gamification but we have strong opinions on where it should and should not be used.  

Encouraging genuine engagement in an LMS is like building a bridge over a river. When people see the value and purpose of crossing the river, they willingly step onto the bridge and traverse it with confidence and enthusiasm. The bridge represents a clear path to their destination, offering them a sense of autonomy and empowerment.

On the other hand, using gamification in an LMS is akin to building a flashy amusement park ride over the river. While it may initially attract attention and excitement, it ultimately distracts from the true purpose of reaching the other side. People may be enticed to ride the attraction for a thrill, but it doesn’t address their underlying need to reach the other side of the river efficiently and effectively.

By focusing on creating an LMS that meets users’ genuine needs and provides clear pathways to their goals, you’re building a sturdy bridge that supports their journey with authenticity and integrity, rather than relying on superficial attractions that manipulate behavior for short-term engagement.

We believe in the power of gamification to enhance learning retention and application. That is a content consideration not an LMS consideration. 

Gamification services in our platform are intentionally limited. Our platform offers customizable certificates upon course or learning track completion, with the flexibility to rename them as badges if desired. We refrain from incentivizing trivial actions like awarding badges for logins or comments. We provide robust reporting tools, including a drag-and-drop report builder you can use to create reports, leaderboards and data feeds to common BI tools. We also include a KPI dashboard tool, to help track progress and visualize key metrics. By prioritizing user experience and quality content, we consistently achieve high engagement rates, often exceeding 90% for non-required training and bullet proof compliance for required training.