Many companies face the challenge of employee turnover. Are your employees sending out resumes? Or are they loyal to you because you really appreciate them and show it in the actions you take? Studies show that employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers training. Want to test drive some free training? We can set that up for your employees. Just keep reading.

While many employees would take a cash bonus over any other kind of reward, training, and certification is a win-win for everyone and something your employees actually do want. With training, employees become more competent and confident in their jobs while increasing the likelihood of advancement and pay increases and management gets better production, which directly converts to higher profits, a stronger company and better employee retention.

Our hope is that you appreciate your employees enough to make your company more profitable and that your employees are passionate about their jobs. Here are seven really good ways to get everyone there. There’s also a special free training bonus at the end.

7. Increase Your Business’ Confidence

Nothing hurts a company more than low morale and one of the best ways to increase morale is to improve performance and production helping your employees improve their skills.

Here’s a pro tip: Promote it. As your employees begin to complete training and earn certifications, post them on your department webpage, a wall in a well-trafficked area in your office. Buy shirts for major certifications, and let people know your team members are “Certified Experts”. Spread the word. Earning a certification is a worthy accomplishment! A well-trained team will be more likely to use best practices, follow company procedures and increase your company’s revenue. Promoting accomplishments also makes it fun for employees and adds to your company culture. (See #3 below.)

6. Show Your Team that You Value Them

Paying for certain kinds of training can be a touchy subject for some companies. Do we pay for our employee training? Do we pay for them to get certified? Do we encourage them to get certified? What if we spend all that money training them and they leave? The answer is: Invest in your employees and they will return the favor. Don’t be scared that if they get certified they’ll go find a job somewhere else. Would you rather that they didn’t really know what they were doing and they stayed?

As it turns out, if you offer training, they’re more likely to stay. According to a recent study by a leader in the employee engagement industry:

“Employees who reported having access to either internal or external professional development were more than 10% more likely to stay with their current employer. And lacking cross-training results in employees being 10% less likely to stay.”

5. Stay Current With Best Practices

What worked just fine several years ago may not be the best way to go about it today. Social media has changed the face of sales and marketing. Amazon, Apple, Trader Joe’s and Chick-fil-A have developed unrivaled customer service philosophies and continue to improve. Cybersecurity (and anything Internet or IT-related) seems to change on almost a weekly basis.

Give your employees and your company a break. Train your staff to help get your company up-to-speed on the latest best practices, whether that’s in leadership, HR, sales, finance, business process, quality control or marketing. Staying behind on technology does nothing for your company, but allow for more mistakes, lost income and a “going nowhere” staff. Your company and employees suffer by keeping old technology running. Make the move, train your employees, implement new technologies, and certify your staff.

4. Improved Project Management

When an employee knows their area inside out, any future projects led by that employee will be significantly improved and timelines will be reduced. When it comes to implementing a new project, would you rather have knowledgeable team members ready to go, or employees who are scrambling day-to-day, just trying to figure out what they are going to do?

3. Make it a Part of the Company Culture

Training isn’t just for the general employee. Managers, executives, and senior management also need to keep their game sharp. Sure, push your general employees to attend training, learn new technologies and get certified, but lead by example. Make continuous learning — for everyone — a priority. Learning isn’t a burden, it’s an opportunity. Keep everyone in your company passionate about the company and their jobs. Encourage ideas, inspire growth, and implement the best solutions.

2. Eliminate Mistakes

One of the biggest influences of any kind of accident or mistake is human error. And one of the biggest contributors to human error is not fully understanding what it is that they’re supposed to be doing. From not filling out the right form, to using the wrong phase in a customer service call to a forklift accident, the most common cause is simply poor or improper training.

The quickest way to get a job done is to do it right the first time. But to do it right the first time, you need to make sure that you have all the information relating to the task being performed. Employees who don’t have the information and training they need, are essentially doing the job while blind.

No, training will not eliminate all mistakes, but it will reduce them. With the right knowledge, employees are able to make better choices, think through situations faster and more effectively, and arrive at better solutions.

1. Improve Your Business’ Reputation

By combining all of these together, your company will provide better solutions, be more productive, have faster turnaround time, and provide a higher quality product or service to your customers. Since customers like this, they’ll be more likely to refer business and be repeat customers.

Every company is made out of individuals just like a chain is made out of links. Strengthen your employees and your company will be stronger, more vibrant and more passionate. And what customer doesn’t want to work with a winning company?

We’re Passionate About Your Employees

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