Everyone is busy and it’s not just the holidays. Giving learners easy access to training means that they’re more likely to do it now rather than later (or never).

That’s why we created ExpressLinks. They’re simple to use and can be placed in emails, on websites and even embedded directly into PDF files.

ExpressLinks are a direct hyperlink to a course you want people to take, a catalog you want them to view, a report you want them to see or any other resource available in the learning management system.

Security First

Just because you put a link in an email, however, doesn’t mean that you want everyone to take the course or see the report. Not to worry. ExpressLinks are smart and know who should have access and who shouldn’t. So, if that email gets forwarded or the wrong person gets ahold of the PDF, they won’t be able to access the information.

How it Works

It’s really easy. You don’t have to find the course, the course finds you. Now your learners don’t have to sort through possibly hundreds of courses to find the one you want them to take. When they click on the ExpressLink, it simply opens it for them. Same with course catalogs, reports or specific resources such as PDFs.

Each link contains information that lets the learning management system know what resource (course, catalog, report, etc) is being accessed. The LMS then checks the credentials of the person clicking on the link (through single sign-on or by requiring the person to log in). As long as the person clicking on the link has access, the information is displayed. If the link pointed to a course, the course launches. If it was a report, the report is automatically generated. If the link pointed to some other resource such as PDF document, then that’s opened up.

Learning Solutions are Key

As more and more Learning Management Systems come into the playing field, it can be hard to really differentiate between them. The real difference isn’t what the features are named, but what those features actually do.

MaxIT has long been a learning solutions company. Yes, we have an LMS, but our commitment to our customers is to provide solutions to the situations that our customers face. While many LMS vendors can provide a “checklist of features”, they’re generally skin deep and lack the richness of our 20+ years of experience that we bring to the table.

Improving eLearning Adoption

No matter what type of business process you need to incorporate into your training initiative, we can accommodate it, often without custom programming and always at a more affordable price than the “big box” vendors can — if they can even do it. Because we can follow your needs and make access to training easier, employees and members are more likely to adopt your training. If you haven’t seen what AbilityLMS can do, simply request a demo or call us at (800) 868-8039 and we’ll show you how your organization can benefit from a correctly implemented learning management solution.