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Create Video Courses and Improve Training

Ever-increasing compliance regulations, unpredictable turnover, rapidly expanding cultural and learning style changes among employees are just some of the host of new challenges organizations are now facing. More than ever, Trainers are looking to videos courses as a better, faster and less expensive way to meet the training requirements of these challenges.

Over the last several years, video recorders and video editing software have become better, less expensive and easier to use. This allows teams and organizations to create both formal and informal training without the need for expensive recording equipment and costly, complicated software. By using video courses for training, trainers and instructors can increase training quality, speed and effectiveness while lowering program costs.

Sample Use Cases for Video Training

While “off-the-shelf” training certainly has it’s advantages, every organization has its own way of doing things from scheduling conference calls to signing emails to using custom software.

Within a few months of being hired, every employee should know these as second nature. However, for someone just getting started, there’s a lot to learn. And with new regulations such as social distancing, safety and other concerns, doing this training in person can often be difficult at best.

Using Screencasts for Training

Anything that is done on a computer can be captured with “screencast” software such as Screencast-O-Matic, AceThinker, ScreenFlow (Mac only), Camtasia and may others. All of these will not only record what you see on your screen but also have at least some basic editing features. The more expensive ones (such as ScreenFlow and Camtasia) offer more advanced editing capabilities but are still far easier to learn and use than than more expensive, high-end video editing software.

Using Video Cameras

Not everything is done on a computer. Onboarding should also include culture, vision and mission introductions as well as an organizational overview. If you have a large facility or one with multiple locations, a virtual company tour may be in order. If your company produces physical products, you can create training videos of what the product is, how it’s created and give a demonstration of how the product is used. Anything that is done in an office, warehouse or other location can be captured on video and turned into a training course.

In the face of the COVID pandemic, many organizations are also creating their own training videos for hand washing, proper face mask use, social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing workspaces, good health practices and more. Creating quick 2-5 minute videos of your organizations procedures for these is easy and quick to do with a video course.

The equipment needed for these types of videos can be as simple as anything that will record video — including a modern cell phone. Beyond that, there are hundreds of video recorders to choose from ranging below $100 to much more. While having other equipment such as tripods, lighting, reflectors, and clip mics can be helpful, there are many kinds of training videos that can be done without them.

When using a video camera, you will need some sort of video editing software such as Camtasia, Screenflow, CyberLink PowerDirector or many others for under $250. If you want closed captioning files, you’ll need a software or service for that as well. There are a host of services available. The cost of these can range from free to a dollar a minute. The pricing mainly depends on how many videos you want to use closed captioning on and the length of those videos.

Using AbilityLMS for Video Content Delivery

We’ve recently revamped our video course delivery feature to allow you to simply upload an MP4 without having to package it into an AICC or SCORM course. The video course is still trackable and you can create a workflow around it such as requiring Manager sign off, after-course assessments and more. We’ve also included the ability for you to upload a closed caption file that automatically plays along with the video.

To learn more about AbilityLMS, our video courses or any of our other features, please give us a call at (800) 868-8039 or contact us via email. We’d love to hear from you.

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