Don’t just Sell, Help Your Customer Grow Their Business

Commerce is the act of exchanging value between a buyer and seller, whether product or services. After completing the transaction, we manage that account.
Unfortunately, this is where most salespeople and account managers stop. With an occasional call to see how the customer is doing, and if they are ready to buy more product or services, the account remains in a passive state.
But what if you can help your customer grow their business? Doesn’t it make sense that helping a customer grow their business means you can potentially increase your sales, as well? 
John Golden, a Sales and Marketing Leader, offers excellent insight into what you can do to optimize your relationship with your customer as an infographic. 

But these ideas are just from the sales perspective. Today’s Video Review, entitled “Helping Customers Increase Their Income,” provides additional suggestions to help your customer increase their revenue. Why would you want to do help?
Beyond the fact that your customer would have more money to buy your products and/or services, it reveals your commitment to building a genuine business relationship. This short but engaging video offers a few ideas easy to implement but with lasting impact.
Start with a customer with potential growth, and then take these few steps: (you need to watch the video to get the remaining ideas!)

  • Recommend Services and Products – Review and share benefits from services or products offered by this customer with your other clients.
  •  Make Social Media Announcement – A quick, short tweet or note about this customer may generate interest from your social environment.

Tell this customer of what you are doing and listen to their surprise. They will appreciate your efforts and recognize your commitment to their success.
Helping Customers Increase Their Income” is just 1 of 28 lessons in the Customer Service Learning Path. This is one of 100+ Learning Paths found with Ability Platform. Each collection of related video-based lessons is organized for you by subject matter experts, so you can start immediately to improve your skills.
Remember, MaxIT’s mission is for you to become a top performer in your industry. Don’t have access to the 100+ Learning Paths? Then register for a Free 7-Day Trial and start with the “Helping Customers Increase Their Income” lesson today. This lesson will change the way you work with your customers!

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