How to Avoid Career Plateau

A plateau is defined as “a relatively level surface considerably raised above adjoining land on at least one side.” When referring to a career, it’s “a period of little or no apparent progress in an individual’s learning.”
People finding themselves on a career plateau often miss the signs — they are stuck in a daily routine, their hard-earned knowledge becomes outdated, they avoid or confront changes. Over time, these people become comfortable where their career stalled, never promoted, while losing their competitive edge.
What can be done to break free from a career plateau? Start by taking an inventory of your current strengths. Focus, understand, and then nourish those strengths. Take a moment and read this blog by Michelle McQuaid, author and positive-change advocate, to understand why building on your strength is an important step.  
Is Developing Your Strengths Worth The Effort?
Today’s Video Review is a lesson entitled “Developing Your Strengths,” with tips on how to work your way to becoming a top performer.  Here are a few  points:

  • Concentrate on the Positive — Focus on what you are good at and explore the possibilities of improving your strengths. Concentrate on the positive and learn from your weaknesses. Instead of treating it as a roadblock, use your failure as motivation.
  • Don’t Ham It UpConfidence is a plus when it comes to executing your strengths, but overplaying ends up with a negative impact. Offering too much holds the potential to do more harm than good, especially when you fail to deliver their expectations.
  • Collaborate Improve your skills by collaborating. Look for people who share the same strengths as you and learn from each other. Despite the similarities, there’s always something that you can pick-up and learn.

Developing Your Strengths” is just 1 of 10 lessons in the collection or Learning Path called “Personal Development.” These informative micro- learning videos will help you grow and avoid career plateaus. 
There are 100+ Learning Paths found in the Ability Platform. Each collection of related video-based lessons is organized for you by subject matter experts. Who would have thought that you can develop your skills over a 10- minute cup of coffee?
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