Ability KPI Dashboard

Introducing the Ability KPI Dashboard

We live in a world big data and sorting through that data to find insights and what’s important to us and sometimes be very difficult at best.

KPI dashboards are a great way of visually seeing summarized data and communicating insights from key performance indicators to the people who need them.

So what is a KPI dashboard?

A KPI dashboard is a simple, visual display of the most important information that a person needs.

A simple example is the dashboard you have in your car. With a glance, you can immediately tell your speed, how much fuel you have along with a host of other information including any warnings you might need to be aware of.

A performance KPI dashboard should do the same for your learners, managers and system administrators.

6 Reasons Your Organization Needs a KPI Dashboard for Learning

To Monitor Company Health

KPIs are a scorecard for your companies health. KPIs can quickly show Managers and Admins information about the status of required training for compliance purposes. For Learners, KPI can help them easily monitor what courses are due so that nothing slips through the cracks.

To Measure Progress

Charts and graphs make visualizing data easy. With a bar chart or donut chart, Learners and Managers can visually see how learning is progressing for a specific time frame and compare these with targets previously set.

To Analyze Patterns Over Time

This is especially useful to Managers and System Administrators who need to understand how and when Learners are using the system. Information can be viewed for a specific time period or show information from one time period compared to a different time period.

To Stay on Track

In addition to seeing what has been done, KPIs can also provide forecast information showing what required or scheduled training is coming due. This helps both Learners and Managers prepare time and resources to ensure that training is completed on or ahead of schedule, which helps prevent compliance issues.

To Prevent and Solve Problems

By keeping track of specific KPIs, you can quickly see what’s not working before it becomes a problem and take corrective action to get it smoothed out.

To Take Advantage of Opportunities

Not only can you see what’s not working but you can also see what it working and strengthen that. If performance goes up in a department that has completed a series of training assignments, maybe other departments should do that training as well.

KPI Dashboards for Learners

For a learner, a KPI dashboard might include the number of logins, how many courses they’re enrolled in and how many courses they’ve completed over the last week, month, quarter or year.

KPI Learner Key Stats

A Learner might also want to be able to quickly see what courses are coming due or overdue as well as a graphical representation of their overall progress through their courses.

Learner Status

Tables can also be presented showing Learners exactly which courses they need to do next with a one-click “View” button that takes them directly to the course home page for that course.

Learner KPI Table Courses

KPI Dashboards for Managers

Managers need a larger overview of how their team is doing. This could include what percentage are compliant, how many assignments were completed this month and how many are still left to do.

Manager KPI Key Stats

Additionally, KPIs can include overall status for a date range as well as forecasts of required courses that are overdue or coming due.

Manager KPI Status Forecast

Tables can also be displayed showing all of a manager’s people and the specific status of all courses. These tables can be easily sorted and filtered or even exported out and opened with a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

Manager KPI Table

Managers can also track their Learners who are logging in and how often as well as how many course hours have been completed based on the course duration set for each course.

KPI Dashboards for Admins

System Administrators need a much higher-level view of what’s happening in the system including compliance on a departmental level, the total number of active users, number of Learners currently on the LMS, time of day users are most active on the system, and more.

The new KPI dashboard provides Learners, Managers and System Administrators with immediate information and insight that’s intuitive and easy to use. For more in-depth reporting, Managers and Administrators still have access to the full range of customizable reports provided by Ability LMS.

Create Your Own KPI Dashboard

We’ve put together some of the more common KPI charts, graphs and tables that are clients have requested. But that you can also request custom KPIs that are unique to your company.

Ability LMS tracks and stores a huge amount of information. Any information stored in the LMS can be extracted and presented as a KPI chart, graph or table. However, in some cases, it might be better to use our powerful reporting tool, especially for lengthy or complex reporting needs.

How to Get Access to the Ability LMS KPI Dashboard

This is the simple part. Just call us at (800) 868-8039 or send us an email. We’ll take you through a tour of some of our available KPIs and work with you to determine exactly what KPIs are needed and what professional services (if any) may be required.

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