Is Your Leadership Style Failing?

All levels of management in any organization need to be top performers. This goal is not just for employees who report to them. So when a team member resigns,  do you ask why? It isn’t always about money or a better job offer.
And when multiple team members leave the company in a short period of time, then you need to take an honest assessment of your leadership style. Leadership is more than assigning deadlines, reviewing employee progress and driving projects to completion. It includes intrapersonal connections to your direct reports.
According to Harry Chambers, who wrote My Way of the Highway – The Micromanagement Survival Guide, micromanagement is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to employee attrition. Look at the numbers below as they reflect the impact of micromanaging your employees. Low morale and motivation are indicators that something is wrong.
micromanaging your employees
Today’s Video Review, “Six Wrong Ways to Manage,” identifies leadership mistakes that need correction. These often disguise themselves as personal leadership style preferences. When left unchecked, they contribute to an unhealthy, unbalanced work environment.
Here are two common “styles” identified in today’s review: 

  • Micromanaging – This silent “killer” makes the top of the list. It comes in different ways, such as eagerness to ask for updates, constantly checking on employees, and making sure that they deliver their outputs by the book. This leadership style is demanding, compromises motivation by draining and stressing employees. Direct reports never grow to top performers when this “style” rules.
  • Accommodating – As managers, we all want to be approachable and liked. But when this “style” becomes too accommodating, employees tend to underperform.  The “laissez-faire” leadership style never produces top performers as employees are left alone to sort out direction, motivation, and relevancy.

Six Wrong Ways to Manage” identifies other leadership challenges and offer ways to address these common mistakes. The goal is to significantly improve your overall team performance. It includes trusting employee skills and talent while creating an environment that encourages personal growth.
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