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Want to create a positive impact in your organization?

You know when training is bad. How many times have you had to sit through an unengaging course with knowledge that wasn’t easily implemented, relevant or immediately valuable? And then promptly forgot 50% or more of what you just sat through? Too often.

Good training is not only engaging, but presents relevant, easily implemented information that you and your team can use right now and get predictable results that lead directly to business impact. Isn’t that why you provide employee training in the first place?

So where do you get this good type of training? The type with high engagement?

Our course offerings from EJ4 average an incredible 85% engagement which helps you increase impact and ROI.

If you’re interested in improving engagement and creating a positive impact in your organization, simply Let us show you how to build up a team of top performers in your organization. Simply call (800) 868-8039 or click here to contact us.

New and Updated Content Now Available

Get access to video-based lessons that follow proven science to help build top performers. Our award-winning content averages an amazing 85% completion rate.

Media Training — The Media Training series has been updated to include an overview of various mediums, training on media appearances, and preparing for tough questions.

Emotional Intelligence — This series from the Communication Styles topic has been refreshed and now includes an additional video on improving your emotional intelligence.

Social Media for Managers — This new series focuses on social media best practices for managers, including how to use social media in the hiring process and crafting a social media policy.

Social Media for Employees — This new series focused on employees covers the aspects of social media that are most important to your employees, especially those new to the workforce.

Our mission is to provide learning tools, content, and online experiences that engage, motivate, provoke, inspire, and manage the history of the adult learner.

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