New Releases January 2020

New Releases for Ability Platform: December 2020

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Telephone Techniques — Learn how to master the art of the telephone call with these courses on telephone techniques. From making a good first impression, asking someone politely to hold, and even handling angry callers, these courses will help you feel confident on the phone.

Business Skills Library (6 new courses)

Telephone Techniques

Change Management

Change Management — Change is hard, but it’s universal. There’s always change happening somewhere! So why is handling change so difficult? In this series, we’ll address how to handle and manage change, as well as some common reasons why people resist it.

Business Skills Library (4 new courses)

Managing for Engagement — Engagement is about having an emotional connection to the work you do and the people you work with. So as a manager, how can you get your employees to engage? Learn how to create, track, and measure engagement in this series.

Business Skills Library (2 new courses)

Managing for Engagement

Keep Your Cool

Keep Your Cool — Everyone gets angry sometimes, but some people have a harder time controlling their anger than others. This series can help you learn to manage overheated emotions, catch them before you do something you’ll regret, and how to prevent it from happening.

Business Skills Library (2 new courses)

PCI Data Security Standards — If you’re a merchant or vendor who accepts credit or debit cards, then this course will inform you on how to comply with PCI Data Security Standards to ensure that your customers’ data is kept secure.

Workplace Compliance Library (1 new course)

PCI Data Security Standards
Retail Conflict Management

Retail Conflict Management — Sometimes an interaction with a customer can get a little heated. Maybe you have a customer who refuses to wear a mask, or one that is insisting for a price adjustment. These courses are designed to help retail employees manage the occasional difficult situation with a customer.

Business Skills Library (5 new courses)

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