New Releases January 2020

New Releases for Ability Platform: January 2022

Better collaboration, increased employee motivation, and improved performance are topics most businesses are interested in.

But how do you bring them about while making sure that bottom line doesn’t go red?

In a word: training.

Training needs to be done and is being done by top companies despite the ongoing pandemic, inflation, regulatory issues, people working from home, and many other barriers.

Although there are many factors in the environment that continue to be stressful to both people and their organizations, technology has improved, making training more accessible to people everywhere.

As health and wellness is at the top of the list for many HR professionals, we’ve added and updated our course offering in that area. But that’s just one aspect of the 80+ categories of training we offer including software, communication, leadership, supervisory skills and many more.

MaxIT is dedicated to providing you with the best training and user experience available for your employees. We help you ensure your employees can do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Let us show you how to build up a team of top performers in your organization. Simply call (800) 868-8039 or click here to contact us.

New and Updated Content Now Available

Get access to video-based lessons that follow proven science to help build top performers. Our award-winning content averages an amazing 85% completion rate.

Healthy Hygiene — This new Health and Wellness series goes over the importance of healthy hygiene such as basic hand hygiene, maintaining a clean workstation, the benefits of wearing a mask, and more.

Developing Your Culture — We’ve updated our course on civility in the workplace and added another standalone course on personal boundaries at work.

The Toxic Work Environment — This new series in our Health and Wellness topic covers how to identify a toxic workplace, surviving it, and how to fix it.

Know Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) — This new Health and Wellness series defines what an EAP is, how you can promote your EAP and how to utilize it effectively.

Health and Wellness — We’ve included other Health and Wellness courses on pre-vacation planning, returning to work after a vacation, and more.

Software Skills — We’ve expanded our Software Skills library with a host of new topics on Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, OneDrive, Salesforce, and much more.

Our mission is to provide learning tools, content, and online experiences that engage, motivate, provoke, inspire, and manage the history of the adult learner.

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