New Releases for Ability Platform January – May 2019

Here are your monthly updates to the Ability Platform training library, from January 2019 through May 2019. Learning Path, or collection, names are displayed, followed by the course titles that have been updated. Subsequent announcements list updates for that current month, starting with July 2019.

January 2019

Active Shooter Training — We created this active shooter training series with ProActive Response Group to help give your employees a plan to survive. Your employees are the first line of defense in an active shooter situation. This series can help provide them with the tools they need to be prepared.  

Course Titles:

  • Pre-Incident Awareness and Threat Recognition
  • Responding to a Threat
  • Life-Saving Medical Training
  • Interaction with First Responders and the Aftermath

Planning for Maternity Leave — In this series, we’ll cover how to plan for an upcoming maternity leave and walk you through what’s recommended at work for each trimester. Learn when you should tell your boss and colleagues, determine what your rights are, understand your company’s leave policy, and more in this new series.

Course Titles:

  • The First Trimester
  • The Second Trimester
  • The Third Trimester

Health and Wellness — We’ve updated our Health and Wellness topics with some new courses to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance and keep a happy, healthy workplace. From taking a few moments to breathe and relax during the workday, to managing the process of a maternity leave, and even how to handle employee drug addictions, this series will help you find balance in the workplace.

Course Titles:

  • Take a Deep Breath
  • Opioid Addiction for Managers
  • Opioid Addiction for Employees
  • Helping Your Employees Find Purpose
  • Managing Your Employee’s Work-Life Balance
  • Don’t be a Calvin! (Dealing with Allergies)
  • Returning from Maternity Leave
  • Creating a Parental Leave Policy
  • Creating a Family Leave Policy

February 2019

This and That — Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance between this vs. that. When you ask for a deliverable more than once, are you persistent or pestering? When you respond to an email in one short phrase, is it concise or curt? This series will help you find a balance of politeness and efficiency in the workplace. 

Course Titles:

  • Assertive vs. Aggressive
  • Confident vs. Conceited
  • Persistent vs. Pestering
  • Compromise vs. Cave
  • Finished vs. Flawless
  • Concise vs. Curt
  • Reserved vs. Rude

Cross-Cultural Considerations — When working with people from different cultures, it’s important to keep in mind that their habits, customs, and work processes may be very different from your own. This series will help you learn about important cultural differences that you should consider when working with people from other cultures.

Course Titles:

  • What is Culture?
  • What’s Your Culture?
  • Cultural Intelligence 
  • Workplace Basics
  • The Concept of Time

Communication — These new videos from our communication topic range from helping managers communicate better, to developing a sense for picking up on social cues, and becoming a more confident communicator.

Course Titles:

  • Social Cues
  • Interpersonal Communication for Managers
  • Communicating with Confidence

March 2019

Rules and Expectations — Over 60% of households are dual-income with both parents working. That means that many teenagers are often left to their own devices over summers, breaks, or long work days, which can be a catalyst for bad behavior. This course provides simple, helpful things you can do on a daily basis to keep track of your teen and stay tuned in to what’s going on in their life. 

Course Titles:

  • Keeping Track of Your Teenager While You’re at Work

Your Professional Network — Whether you’re just starting your career or are well-established in your current role, it’s always important to create, grow, and maintain a network of professional connections. Learn how to grow, utilize, and give back to your network in this series from our Professional Productivity topic. 

Course Titles:

  • The Benefits of a Professional Network
  • Building Your Network
  • Promoting Your Personal Brand
  • Giving Back to Your Community
  • Being a Member

Moving Up — You may be at a point in your career where you want to move up the ladder, but you’re not sure where to go or where to start! This series will help you define your vision and goals so that you can prepare yourself to take the next steps in your career. 

Course Titles:

  • Defining Your Career
  • Maintaining Your Resume
  • Internal Interviews
  • Asking for a Raise
  • Internal Networking and Connecting with Executives

April 2019

Communications — This month we updated an important communication course to help make you a better, more self-aware communicator. Do you ever laugh at someone else’s expense, or poke fun at other people? This course helps you learn how to handle different kinds of put-down offenders. 

Course Titles:

  • Put-down Offenders

Stress Management — Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but we do have a choice with how we manage it. Some “stressors” we can control, but others are unavoidable. This series will help guide you through understanding, avoiding, and managing the stresses in your life.

Course Titles:

  • Understanding Stress
  • Avoidable Stress
  • Unavoidable Stress
  • Handling Stress
  • Managing Stress

Ergonomics — An office job seems like a pretty risk-free career. But sitting at a desk all day can post some serious long-term health risks and injuries. In this updated series, learn how to prevent injuries by fostering an ergonomic workplace.

Course Titles:

  • The Basics
  • Chairs 101
  • Eye Strain
  • Adjusting Your Workspace
  • Stretching at Work

Customer Service — When it comes to customer service, you want to satisfy customer needs so they keep coming back. But going the “extra mile” all the time can hurt you more than help you.

Course Titles:

  • Customer Service Later

May 2019

Perception — In business, we often put our best foot forward in the hopes that people perceive us in a positive way. But people don’t always perceive you the way you want them to. Luckily, there are some ways you can understand and manage your perceptions, and help rebuild your reputation in the case of negative perception.

Course Titles:

  • Understanding Perceptions
  • Managing How You’re Perceived
  • Rebuilding Your Reputation

Failure is an Option — At some point, everyone experiences failure, even the most brilliant, innovative, successful people! This series was written to help you navigate mistakes by accepting your failure, pushing past the self-doubt. and owning your mistakes. Once you do that, you can begin to learn, grow, and try again!

Course Titles:

  • Accepting Failure
  • Moving Forward and Learning from Failure

Proper Introductions — Have you ever introduced yourself to someone and forgotten your own name? Or been introduced to someone and immediately forgotten their name? It happens to all of us. This series provides guidance on introduction etiquette, some helpful tips to remember a person’s name, and how to navigate online introductions.

Course Titles:

  • In-Person Introductions
  • Virtual Introductions

Compliments — People like compliments. They like to feel valued and validated, because it boosts morale and makes for a more positive work environment. But how do you deliver an effective compliment? How do you receive one? What if the compliment someone pays you is a backhanded remark? We’ll cover all this and more in this series.

Course Titles:

  • How to Give a Compliment
  • How to Receive a Compliment

Professional Productivity — Explore these new and updated professional productivity courses for helpful tips on navigating disagreements with your boss and leaving effective voicemails that are sure to get a callback.

Course Titles:

  • Clashing with Your Boss
  • How to Leave Voicemails that Get Returned 

How to Work A Room — In this series, we’ll give you some helpful advice for preparing for important events, proper etiquette to exercise while attending, how to leave a lasting impression, and how to maintain connections you made at the event.

Course Titles:

  • Preparing for an Event
  • Attending an Event
  • After the Event

Customer Service — When you’re wearing your uniform and name tag, you ARE the company’s brand. What do your actions and words say about your company? Are you representing them in a positive way? This course talks about best practices for presenting yourself in a way that supports your brand.

Course Titles:

  • Representing Your Brand

Health and Wellness — It can be hard to follow a well-balanced diet when we’re always on-the-go. A drive-thru or mini-mart isn’t always the healthiest option, but you can find nutritious options if you know where to go. In this course, we’ll give you some healthy alternatives to look for!

Course Titles:

  • Convenience Store Diet

Communications — Being able to carry a conversation can come in handy both personally and professionally. This course will teach you some helpful ways to have a successful, two-sided conversation, as well as some rules of thumb that apply to any discussion.

Course Titles:

  • How to Be a Great Conversationalist

Workplace Compliance — A workplace that lacks civility can impact engagement, productivity, creativity, and collaboration. This course defines what “uncivil” behavior is, identifies common missteps, and discusses how civility sometimes get put on the back burner in the workplace.

Course Titles:

  • Creating Civility in the Workplace

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