New Releases for Ability Platform: November 2019

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Basic Selling Skills — Familiarize yourself with some important selling basics, like time management and building your elevator pitch in this new topic.

Business Skills Bundle
Topic: Basic Selling Skills

AbilityPlatform Basic Selling Skills

AbilityPlatform The Sales Process

Business Skills Bundle
Topic: The Sales Process

The Sales Process — Learn the methodology of converting a prospective buyer into a customer, different strategies for selling, and more in this new sales topic.

Sales Prospecting — Learn the art of prospecting over the phone in this series, featured in our Making the Sales Call topic.

Business Skills Bundle
Topic: Making the Sales Call

AbilityPlatform Sales Prospecting

AbilityPlatform Sales Relationship

Business Skills Bundle
Topic: Sales Relationships

Sales Relationships — Developing a credible, trustworthy relationship with prospects is a critical part of the sales process.

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