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LearnerWeb Landing Pages: Pro Tips

If you're using LearnerWeb for training people outside of your organization, having a landing page that promotes your training is critical. Whether you're providing free training to customers, prospects, resellers or vendors or are selling your training, we can help. MaxIT's LearnerWeb has scores of features such as self-registration and commerce that make selling your courses easy and effective.

Call us at (800) 868-8039 we'll be happy to set up a demonstration to show you how to get the most out of your landing pages.

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Rewarding Your Learners

Over the past year, we’ve been quietly working in the background to make LearnerWeb faster, better and easier to use. Many of our customers have chosen to upgrade to our new tile interface including US Oil & Refining, Electric Insurance and Seminole Electric. These companies understand the value of making it easy for their Learners to use. If you would like to see of demo of the new interface, simply request a demo or call us at (800) 868-8039.

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E-Rosters Make the Most Out of On-the-Job Training

We’re constantly upgrading, improving and adding new features to LearnerWeb. While some features we create are specific to the needs of a particular client, often we expand existing features or create new one.

One of our latest creations are E-Rosters, which allow anyone who provides on-the-job training to easily capture that training, what was done, who attended and feedback on the training. All of the information is then stored into LearnerWeb and accessible. By keeping everything in one place, you avoid having information silos which can be difficult at best to report against.

If you haven’t seen a demo of LearnerWeb in a while, we encourage you to schedule an appointment and see what tools you might not be using.

Want to know more? Simply request a demo or call us at (800) 868-8039.

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