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If you are looking for a partner to grow your bottom line, consider becoming a MaxIT Business Partner. Our AbilityLMS is an Enterprise-class learning solution that comes with 5-star service, is easy to implement, and once configured, requires almost no support. Get us in front of the clients, we will do the rest! One of the easiest sales your reps will ever make and one that will give them an ongoing income stream and a wealth of referrals once their customers experience the power of AbilityLMS.

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Partnership and Reseller Program

By partnering with MaxIT and offering our AbilityLMS learning platform, we provide a foundation to build long-term relationships with your customers. Our LMS solution is the perfect complement to the services you are already providing your customers and helps create new opportunities to increase the business you already manage. We make it easy with our streamlined instant implementation and signature support services. Currently, we offer a Reseller Referral program and a Value-Added Reseller program. 

Value-Added Reseller Program

With the Value-Added Reseller Program, you identify the client, and we work together to get them signed up. This is your customer and you manage the relationship. We support you every step of the way. All renewals, upsells, etc. go though the VAR. You do more of the work and you earn a commission every year the customer renews their license. You do more of the work and you keep more of the margin. 

Referral Reseller Program

With the Referral Reseller Program you identify the client, do the initial qualifying and then let us do the work to get them signed up. For every lead that you help us sign up you earn a referral commission and then for each year they renew, you also will earn a renewal fee. Once the client signs up for our system, they work directly with us and it is basically a hand off that pays you as long as they are paying us.

Partnership Benefits

  • A quick source for new revenues
  • Opens doors for new markets
  • An excellent upsell opportunity
  • Strengthen existing relationships 

Why MaxIT?

  • White Gloved Customer Service
  • Strong technical support with expert DBEs
  • Second to none customizations

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