Post Quarantine Training: Returning to Work

Throughout the coming weeks, we will be releasing several new series on working in workplace post quarantine. These series of courses are separated for employees, managers, and leadership. These courses are designed to help everyone understand their role in the coming months as people transition back into a more normal schedule. If you have questions about these or other courses, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 868-8039 or contact us via email.


  • Connecting with Colleagues
  • Navigating New Organizational Structures
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • The Emotions of Returning to Work
  • Post COVID-19 Career Planning
  • How to Handle a Lack of Organizational Transparency
  • Taking Remote Work Lessons into the Office
  • Remote Work as a Way of Working


  • Creating a Culture of Transparency
  • Communication Strategies: Sharing Organizational Challenges
  • Communication Strategies: Spreading Positivity
  • Reshaping the Office: Guide Your Team Back to In-Office Work
  • Managing the Whole Person
  • Guiding Teams Through Stress
  • Employee Reviews and Raises: Post COVID-19
  • Embracing Remote Work


  • Your Organizational Workplan: How to Structure Your Teams Return to the Office
  • Evaluating Your Remote Work and Flex Schedule Policies
  • Company-Wide Communication Strategies
  • Creating a Culture of Transparency
  • Creating a Culture of Gratitude
  • Reconnecting with Clients
  • Organizational Culture & Values
  • Business Strategy Consideration for Social Distancing
  • Evaluating How You Fared with Risk and Crisis Management

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