Create partners who are advocates and champions for your company.

Create partners who are advocates and champions for your company.

You set up a partner channel for a reason. And now they’re part of your team.
If you want to create an end-to-end solution for your customers and generate additional income — or both — we can help. Find out how.

Partner channels have been around for a long time. Getting them to work well isn't easy. Here's how to do that.

Enable them with these...


Ensure your partners know you products, your vision and can uphold your brand's promises.


Consistent, scalable onboarding ensures your partners get the training they need to be successful.


Easily design an authorized certification program that shows your partners your commitment to their success.


When partners are your advocates, deals will flow in. You provide the training, they'll provide the results.

And everyone wins.

You get everything AbilityLMS has to offer...

Don’t fall into the trap of underperforming partners or face the backlash of a misrepresented brand. Now, you can get  a partner training LMS and content that can turn your partners into the champions and advocates your company needs.

Custom Portals
Set up custom portals for every partner channel to build an experience that is personalized to each unique brand, goal and strategy.

Always on
Partners are often on the move and now they can access your latest training from anywhere, around the clock.

Scalable onboarding
Whether you only have a few or a few thousand, we scale with you. Onboarding is easy with pre-set learning paths and automation.

Guide partners through your products and services with an authorized certification program. Keep them certified with expiry dates and automated notifications.

Guided Learning Paths
Add courses to a learning path and then assign your partners to that path. Include due dates and assessment to ensure they’re getting through your training and delivering the best customer experience possible.

Robust reporting
All training and assessment activity is tracked so you know which partners have the training they need and which ones may
need an extra push to reach competency.

Webinar integration
Whether you’re using Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Google Meet, we’ve got you covered. Using something else for your webinars? Let us know.

Track any training
Not all training is done online or with a course. Sometimes training happens one-on-one or requires reading SOPs. If it’s training, our solution can deliver, track, and manage compliance.

And so much more
Chances are, you’re more interested in the results, not the nuts and bolts and wiring. Rest assured that AbilityLMS is a mature product and was designed to work the way you do business.

Build Better Relationships

The right partner training solution will help you build stronger partners that get them up to speed on understanding customer needs, your product benefits, features, and procedures. Plus, they’ll be in alignment with your vision and deliver on your brand’s message exactly as you would expect.

Channel Partner Champions and Advocates

Although our Partner Training Solution isn’t the only one on the market, it’s the best. Why? Because we offer you the highest value for your investment in a Partner Training solution. With more than 25 years experience in this industry, we know what works.

What’s next? You have three different choices…

… do what you’re doing now. If your partners are already advocates and champions for your company, good for you!

… try to do this yourself and hope you can keep up with trying to make sure that everyone in your partner network is assigned to the right training, getting through all their training, and keeping certifications current — on top of everything else you’re doing.

… Let us help you implement a partner training solution you and your organization will be proud of.

We’re here to help.

If you’re ready to see how we can help you create a partner training program that works, simply fill out the form below.

On the call, we’ll ask about your company, your challenges, and goals so that we better understand your business needs. You’ll also get a chance to test out our LMS and compare it with what you already have. If you decide to stay with your existing LMS, you can still get complete access to our courses, delivered through your LMS.

We’ll also answer any questions you might have and give you access to the courses you’re most interested in so that you can evaluate them yourself or with your team at your convenience.

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