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Why You Need a Better LMS to Deliver a

Stellar Employee Onboarding Program

Companies that actively invest in developing new hires for their roles in the organization see more confident, competent, and knowledgeable hires who quickly get into their roles.

The Important Components of an Successful Onboarding Program:

The Important Components of an Successful Onboarding Program:

And that's just a short list.

AbilityLMS is a mature product that has a proven track record of getting results our clients needed.

The Experience of Learning

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) have been around for a long time and deal with how users interact with an application. With elearning learning, you also have Learning Experience (LX). This goes beyond just UI and UX and deals with how someone interacts with the actual elearning material and their engagement with the training.

This includes such features as pre- and post-assessments, binge learning, easy access to companion resource material, presentation quality, and actual content.

If you create your own content, AbilityLMS can help you with everything except the presentation and content.

However, if you pair AbilityLMS with AbilityContent, we have you covered on everything.

Automated, Role-Based Learning Assignment

Some of the employee onboarding processes and training material are applicable to everyone who comes into the organization. This could include compliance training, company mission statement, procedures and policies.

Beyond that, an onboarding program and training material should be relevant to the specific job and should also consider existing skill level and any skill gaps a new employee may have.

With AbilityLMS, you can automatically schedule training to new hires, and also based on division, department, teams, title or a variety of criteria.

That means that when someone is hired for a specific job, transferred or promoted to a new position, they can automatically be assigned training they need for their specific job position and other training such as management or leadership training that may be needed.

Assessments Help Ensure They Can Do It Right

Very few people can complete a lesson and then retain all the information from then on. This is where assessments come into play with employee onboarding and for online training in general.

Assessments can be added before or after individual courses or learning paths. You can even create stand-alone assessments that can be delivered at various times throughout the year.

Assessments display a set of fixed or randomly selected questions. All assessments can be set with a pass/fail grade as well as a workflow on what to do when the learner either passes or fails an assessment.

Reporting Outcomes

Reporting is critical to any employee onboarding system. Ultimately, someone needs to review the information and evaluate the success of current and previous courses.

AbilityLMS helps makes this process easier with automated report distribution, escalation notices and customizable reports. You can even look into the future and see what training is coming due for any time period.

With AbilityForms, you can also track and report on the status of forms required during the onboarding process, for compliance issues and other activities.

Training Flexibility

Onboarding can benefit any company that hires people or contractors. You can even use it to onboard new clients and customers. Whether your learners work at desks, operate forklifts or drive trucks, you need a learning solution that will cover all the bases.

AbilityLMS also works on mobile devices, so your employees can take their learning on the go.

Recurring Training

Once new employees are through their onboarding program, some may need to retake training periodically for certification purposes or in order to comply with HIPAA or other regulations. Whether it’s online training, on-the-job training, on-site, off-site or some other kind of training, AbilityLMS can track it and let you and your learners know what’s done, past due and coming due.

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