Drive sales, customer service, and adoption with a team of product experts.

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We’ve added new technology to AbilityLMS that now allows you to create a truly comprehensive and consistent training initiative that helps your customers understand how to use features and helps your team understand how to communicate their value.

Your product may be amazing, but…

Your product may be amazing, but…

If your employees lack product knowledge, they will do a poor job explaining your product’s value to the customers resulting in few sales. If your customers lack product knowledge, adoption will be low. adoption will be low. You’ll also have lower repeat business and referrals and a higher number of support requests.

What if you had a learning solution that allowed you to train anyone on any of your products and services? From overview to in-depth, deep dives.
All from one location.

Improve your marketing

Your marketing campaigns will never go beyond the knowledge your marketing team has for your offerings. If they don’t truly understand how your products and services benefit your customers, they’ll never be able to effectively communicate why potential customers should care.

With AbilityLMS, you can provide the training your team needs to better understand the features and benefits of the products and services you offer. Better understanding leads to better marketing campaigns that result in more reach from potential customers.

Improve your sales

To make a successful sale, sales reps need to have excellent selling skills and know the company’s products and services inside and out. They also need to understand how that product fits into the marketplace and how it will benefit your customers.

Top companies use blended learning initiatives that include both on-demand learning as well as face-to-face (if possible) or teleconferencing training. This ensures that they fully understand the basics of the products and services as well as the market and customer intricacies that help differentiate your offers from everyone else.

AbilityLMS allows you to deliver — and track — any type of training including on-demand, mentoring, on-the-job, and training done via teleconferencing.

Improve your customers

Your customers bought your product or service for a reason. Help them get the most out of their purchase by providing on-demand training.
You’ll get:
  • Better customer onboarding
  • Higher adoption rates
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved customer retention
  • Reduced customer support
  • More upsells
  • Higher Net Promoter scores

Improve your brand

When everyone on your team is knowledgeable about your products and services, your customers will take note. It makes customers believe they are dealing with employees who are experts and passionate about what they do—making your company their favorite and stand out above your competitors.

How we help

MaxIT provides learning tools, content, and online experiences that engage, motivate, provoke, and inspire adult learners to become top performers — whether those top performers are your employees or your customers.

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