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The training you provide your bank employees and managers needs to cover topics such as Regulation E, credit unions, bank secrecy basics for frontline employees and management, PATRIOT Act, robbery training, check fraud, the Right to Financial Privacy Act, and Foreign Corrupt Services Act.

But there are even more than those that your employees and managers have to know. The Banking Training offered through AbilityContent gives you all of the above plus topics such as loan processing, financial compliance, bank secrecy, and more.

These Banking Training courses were created so that financial institutions and their employees have a better sense of all the regulations and compliance involved in the banking industry.

Let the experts handle your bank employee training and help ensure they have the knowledge to do their job right.

Each course is created using validated science to maximize effectiveness and user engagement, meaning that your people will actually take the training and learn the skills they need.

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Regulation E

To safeguard against fraud, a set of rules was established by federal banking regulators known as Regulation E. We’ll go over the important information financial institutions must disclose to their consumers, guidelines regarding when access devices, and much more.
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Right to Financial Privacy Act

Our bank records include highly sensitive information like our account numbers, social security numbers, home addresses, and more. Congress established privacy acts that would protect consumer information. In this course, we’ll discuss the Right to Financial Privacy Act (RFPA).
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Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z

The Truth in Lending Act is designed to protect consumers and credit transactions by requiring disclosures about its terms. It also gives consumers the right to cancel certain credit transactions. TILA is closely related to Regulation Z, and both of these will be discussed in this program.
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Before RESPA, customers were being charged unnecessary fees to close on their homes. In this course, we will examine Sections 8-10 of RESPA, which cover consumer protections in the law. We’ll talk about how the law deals with kickbacks, title insurance, and escrows.

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Our clients cover a range of industries including Higher Education, Government, Manufacturing, Libraries, Financial Institutions, Medical, and more.

Compliance matters. Help your employees understand banking regulations and financial compliance.

Banking training is filled with financial compliance and regulations. While critical, banks today are looking at better, more diverse online training. The Banking Training library will provide your team with the knowledge they need on the banking and financial regulations side, but consider incorporating other training such as communication skills, customer service, cybersecurity, and health and wellness training to help them achieve their true potential in your organization.

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