Communication Skills Training for a Better Workplace

Never underestimate the importance of good communication.

Imagine how much better your workplace good be if everyone had excellent communication skills — both written and verbal.

Communication Skill Videos
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This series of video-based micro-learning provides your team with straight-forward information covering topics such as listening, non-verbal communication, writing and how to communicate in different work-related situations. 

It even covers different types of communication styles as well as improving emotional intelligence.

All of it is based on validated science to maximize effectiveness and user engagement. 

Your employees will thank you.

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Social Cues

Social cues are a difficult topic to cover. The goal of this course is to help viewers better read social cues. We also want to remind viewers to show patience and compassion for those who struggle with social cues.

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Communicating with Confidence

In this program, we want to discuss confident communication and the steps you can take to be great at it. We’ll cover identifying and controlling your emotions, identifying goals, having clear views, preparation, and respect.

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Straight Talk on Bad Language

A recent study revealed that 81% of employers believe that swearing at work is unprofessional. In this program, we’ll go over several other surprising statistics, while we discuss the use of bad language in the workplace, and when it is, or is not appropriate.

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Defining Nonverbal Communication

The goal here is to help you better understand what people are saying through nonverbal communication. In this program, we’ll define nonverbal communication and all that encompasses it. It’s not just body language and facial expressions, but also cultural and environmental conditions.

Are you ready to create top performers in your organization?

Our clients cover a range of industries including Higher Education, Government, Manufacturing, Libraries, Financial Institutions, Medical, and more.

Effective communication is critical

Provide the knowledge and skills your organization needs from team member to leader. The communication skills library helps improve and build skills for business writing and professional presentations, this text empowers you to successfully handle important work-related activities, including working in team, strategically utilizing visual aids, and providing feedback to supervisors.

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