Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Improve your reputation while creating a better work environment.

Going beyond compliance training

DE&I is more than just a series of compliance training courses.

Imagine if you could minimize or even eliminate bias, harassment, and unfair treatment at all levels of your organization. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training seeks to create meaningful, systemic change toward more equitable, welcoming environments.

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Anti-Racism: Calling Out and Calling In

In this course, we’ll define these terms, identify the different scenarios when it’s more effective to “call out” someone and when it’s more effective to “call in.” We’ll also review some important points to keep in mind when putting these actions to use.
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Anti-Racism for Leaders: Mitigating Bias

It’s become clear to corporate leaders and business owners around the world that we need to do more to fight racial inequality in the workplace. In this course, we’ll talk about two types of common biases and how to mitigate those in the workplace.
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Exploring Isms in the Workplace

In this program, we’ll educate viewers by focusing on six isms of discrimination and some stereotypes that accompany them. We’ll also discuss how these attitudes are detrimental to organizations.
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LGBTQ in the Workplace: Understanding Pronouns

In this course, we’ll do a brief grammar lesson on using pronouns. We’ll also discuss some gender-neutral pronouns and how to politely and respectfully determine someone’s preferred pronoun.

Some of Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Training Topics

Developing Your Culture

  • People First
  • Creating Civility in the Workplace: Everyone’s Responsibility
  • Cross-Cultural Considerations

What is Culture?

  • What is Your Culture?
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Workplace Basics
  • The Concept of Time

LGBTQ in the Workplace

  • Understanding Pronouns
  • Supporting a Transitioning Employee for Managers
  • Supporting a Transitioning Coworker
  • Gender Identity vs. Sexual Orientation
  • Coming Out at Work
Workplace Culture
  • Leadership of a Diverse Group
  • Avoiding Discrimination: 5 Keys
  • Diversifying Your Leadership Team
  • Tokenism
  • Microaggressions
  • The Anti-Racism Continuum
  • Colorblindness Doesn’t Work
  • Calling In and Calling Out
  • Learning to Listen and Listening to Learn
  • Maintaining Momentum
  • Diversity-Focused Recruitment
  • Mitigating Bias
  • Creating and Implementing Policy
  • Allyship
  • Maintaining Momentum for Leaders
  • Evaluating Your Organization
  • Exploring Isms in the Workplace
  • Overcoming Isms in the Workplace
  • Avoiding Isms in the Workplace
  • What is Privilege?
  • Privilege Scenarios
  • Using Your Privilege
Working Well with Everyone
  • What is Diversity?
  • The Diversity Continuum
  • The Mistake of Stereotyping
  • The Power of Inclusion
  • Diversity = Greatness

Changing an organization's culture takes time. But you need to start somewhere. We can help.

Our clients cover a range of industries including Higher Education, Government, Manufacturing, Libraries, Financial Institutions, Medical, and more.

DE&I is more than just an acronym

Diversifying the workforce is important, but that doesn’t directly lead to those new hires feeling welcomed and supported.

Every organization has systems. Those systems are run by people. If you don't transform your people, the systems will never change.

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