Create a Safe Environment

Protect your people and company.

Workplace safety is important. You know that.

You probably even have a safety training program in place. 

But is it kept up to date as rules and regulations change? Is it mobile so that your people can review safety while on the job? Is it effective?

Our safety training videos average under 8 minutes and is based on validated science to maximize effectiveness and user engagement. Each video contains information your people can use for a better, safer organization.

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Introduction to First Aid

In this first program about First Aid, we’ll cover information that is helpful if someone has an accident or gets hurt on the job. The information involves basic first aid measures to keep someone stable, or comfortable, until they can seek proper medical attention.
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Slips, Trips, and Falls

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. In this course, learn about how to avoid slips, trips, and falls at work.

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Electrical Safety

What exactly ARE the hazards? What warning signs should you look for in order to steer clear of danger? We’re going to cover the hazards relating to electrical components, tools and equipment, overhead power lines, and environmental factors.

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Bad Weather Driving

Driving in extreme weather conditions causes anxiety for many people. Losing control of your vehicle, even for just a moment, is a scary thing. So in this program, we’re going to give you some tips on driving in the rain, snow and ice.

Ready for an effective safety training plan in your organization?

Our clients cover a range of industries including Higher Education, Manufacturing, Medical, Government, Libraries and more.

Up-to-date safety training with easy access

Our safety training for employees is mobile and accessible 24/7 through AbilityLMS (or you can use your LMS). Your workers can access training from mobile devices, giving them the ability to review training content from a factory floor or in a warehouse.

If your employees are mobile, then your training should be too.

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