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How to achieve uncommon success in selling.

Sales is the bridge between your customers needs, wants and desires and the products and services your company offers.

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Imagine what would happen if your sales team could raise the bar by 5%. Or 10%. Or even 25%. What would that do for your company?

Selling is a skill just like every other skill. You need to learn how to do it and then practice doing it the right way.

Even if someone is innately “good” at selling, that just means that they’re doing the right things. And those things can be learned by others. Even great sales people, just like professional athletes, still need constant training and practice.

The Sales Training series is perfect for onboarding new sales hires giving everyone a consistent training process and provides them with tools they need to start closing sales right out of the gate.

More experienced sales people love the fact that all of the courses average less than eight minutes each making brushing up on skills easy and painless.

With these courses, your sales representatives will be able to uncover customer needs, understand different customer personalities (and how to handle them), overcome objections, and close the sale.

Without a solid bridge between you and your customer, money doesn’t flow to you and potential customer will look elsewhere to fulfill their needs.

These professionally created, highly engaging, micro-learning videos use validated science to maximize effectiveness and ensure everyone on the sales team is learning the exact skills they need to raise the bar for uncommon success in selling.

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Closing the Sale

At closing, it can seem that you and your customer are pitted against each other. What if you were just simply guiding them through a path to met needs and benefit realization? And it was almost as if you were giving them a “gift” in the close? This course shows you the way.
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Speaking Customer

Interactions with customers can be wonderful. You get to find out about what they need, how you can help them, get them to use your product or service, and make money while doing it. This is true especially if you speak their language: customer. In this course, we’ll show you how.
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Determining Customer Needs

Without a need, don’t proceed! In this course, we look at the psychology of the sale on how to analyze a customer’s unmet need, offer a solution and prove how this benefits their need.
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Selling to a High D

When you’re selling to someone, especially someone with decision-making power, you need to understand their value set, and their value set varies by personality type. In this course, we talk about how you can sell to a High D.

Are you ready to create top performing sales people in your organization?

Our clients cover a range of industries including Higher Education, Manufacturing, Medical, Government, Libraries and more.

Build a better bridge between your sales peopole and your customers.

Even a small, 2% increase in close rates could mean over $500,000 or more in extra revenue for your company. But before you can do that, your salespeople have to bridge the gap between customer needs and the products and services your company provides. Sales play a key role in the building of loyalty and trust between customer and business. Give your sales team the tools they need to become uncommonly successful in selling to your customers.

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