Unlocking Valuable Expertise: Experts Who’ve Been Around

In today’s fast-changing work world, skills gaps are common because things keep shifting. We’ve talked about ways to tackle the Global Skills Gap, but there’s one solution we haven’t explored much yet, and it could make a big difference for those who’ve been around the block in the industry.

Harvesting Wisdom: Experts Who’ve Been Around

Imagine a technician leaving a John Deere dealership to try new things. Even if they’re not at the dealership anymore, having a certified technician with John Deere knowledge is still good for the brand. Letting these techs keep their certifications, even outside the dealership, means the John Deere brand stays strong in the industry.

Staying Connected Beyond the Job: A Smart Move

As people explore new paths, staying connected with those who’ve been in the industry for a while becomes super important. Making the most of their knowledge through learning opportunities is a unique way to fill the skills gap, benefitting both the organization and its experienced workers.

Tapping into the Treasure: What the Pros Know

People who’ve been around the block know a lot about the brand, how things work, and the company culture. Their deep understanding of the industry and tech makes them super helpful in filling in gaps that might have come up over time.

Reconnecting: Bringing Back the Pros

Getting in touch with former employees needs clear communication and a good reason. Using channels like emails, social media, and group networks helps tell them about learning opportunities, showing how upskilling can help them grow in their careers and stay in the loop.

Custom Learning for Lifelong Growth

Knowing that experienced folks have different needs, letting them shape their own learning paths keeps them interested. Using a tool like AbilityLMS, we can make plans that suit their interests and where they want to go in their careers.

Learning Together: A Community for Sharing Wisdom

Creating a special online space where they can learn, share experiences, and help each other out builds a strong community. This not only keeps the learning going but also opens up chances for mentoring, where more experienced workers can help newer ones.

Keeping it Worthwhile: Perks for Learning

Keeping certifications in the industry is a big deal. Giving former employees incentives like continued access to certifications and shared costs for keeping them up helps them stay connected and invested in the brand.

Inviting a Comeback: A Friendly Approach to Engaging Pros

Getting experienced pros involved in learning might make them think about coming back. As they learn and stay connected to the company, they might consider rejoining, and bringing their updated skills with them.

Smart Leverage: Making the Most of Learning with AbilityLMS

Using learning opportunities with experienced workers is a smart, cost-effective way to fill in skills gaps. By using their knowledge, companies can create a win-win relationship, supporting ongoing learning, knowledge-sharing, and possible future collaborations.

Staying Competitive in Today’s Work Market

As the job market keeps changing, investing in the development of experienced workers is a smart move for organizations wanting to stay competitive. When thinking about using different learning tools, make sure it can do what you need. AbilityLMS is made for this kind of learning and can be customized to meet all your organization’s needs. Find out how to build skills and improve performance across your whole team with AbilityLMS at www.maxit.com


Phil Baruch is a seasoned 25+ year veteran in the Learning Management Systems (LMS) industry and is a principal partner at MaxIT Corporation. As a thought leader and innovator, Phil has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the dynamic landscape of educational technology, steering organizations toward effective LMS solutions tailored to their unique needs with his wealth of experience and forward-thinking approach. His extensive expertise has not only solidified his reputation as a trusted authority in the field but has also positioned him as a driving force behind the continuous improvement and innovation within the LMS industry. Phil Baruch’s dedication to advancing learning technologies underscores his commitment to fostering enhanced educational experiences and workplace training methodologies. His company website is www.maxit.com where you can learn more about his work and services.

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