Why Elearning Training Awards Matter to You

What’s it going to take to get your employees interested in training and actually committing themselves to a pattern of continual learning?

In today’s interconnected, information-based world, the demand for high-quality learning has never been greater. With a wide range of personal and professional skills to learn, the learning challenge is daunting. We at MaxIT understand that the learning you provide your employees, vendors, and customers requires personalized attention – but not everyone can afford or access that kind of help – until now.

MaxIT has brought together the best training available to help you provide tailored solutions for virtually all your business needs. What sets our training apart from others? Industry-recognized training awards.

Learning Engagement Affects the Cost of Training Impact

To stay ahead of competitors, companies must constantly enhance the way they do business. Unfortunately, more performance-improvement programs fail than succeed. That’s because of many factors, but a key one is engagement.

Many of the off-the-shelf training products we’ve seen have an average engagement of only 5% for non-required training. That’s low, but what does it mean?

You’re paying for training that no one is taking. 

How Do You Make Training Engaging?

There’s no one magic thing that will suddenly make training engaging, but there is a science behind creating training that is engaging and our Course Development Partners are winning awards for doing just that.

Over the past several years, our Course Development Partners have accumulated over 104 awards from across multiple categories. These awards — from industry experts — give you confidence that the materials covered are not only relevant but also engaging.

Here are just some of the industry-recognized awards:

  • Best of Elearning! Hall of Fame
  • Top Employee Health, Safety, and Wellness
  • Top Online Learning Library
  • Top Health and Safety/Compliance
  • Best Leadership Development
  • Best I.T. Training
  • Best Sales Training
  • Best Soft Skills Content (Winner)

Stevie Awards

While the Stevie Awards are not awarded for the actual content, these are awards that recognize the best companies to work for and the HR teams, professionals, achievements, new products, and suppliers that help create and drive great places to work. In other words, our Course Development Partners practice what they preach and create a safe, productive environment in which to work.

Some of these awards include:

  • Organization of the Year
  • Leadership or Skills Development Solution Provider of the Year\
  • Health, Wellness, and Safety Solution Provider of the Year
  • HR Technology Solution Provider of the Year
  • Leadership or Skills Development Solution Provider of the Year
  • Training Programs or Media – Compliance Training
  • Training Programs or Media – Safety Training
  • Training Programs or Media – Skills Training
  • Training Programs or Media – Diversity or Sensitivity Training
  • Training Programs or Media – Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Training Programs or Media – Managerial Training
  • Training Programs or media – Sales Training

Your Next Step

MaxIT’s training solutions can be a great way to accommodate your company’s training needs and budgets while providing you with the best solutions. We offer a wide breadth of courses for an affordable price. With thousands of courses to choose from across over 90 different categories, we can help you find the perfect solution for your company.

For more information about how we can help your organization, just give us 30 minutes and we’ll show you how we’ve improved engagement for our clients and created much better impacts in their organization. Click here to schedule a call.

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