Results Matter

Make a difference in your organization's learning strategy.

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Learning Management Solved

Meet AbilityLMS — The last LMS you'll ever need.

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Create Top Performers

Award-winning content for your organization and teams.

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Challenge Accepted

We thrive at solving learning technology challenges for our clients.

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Want to Make a Difference in Your
Organization's Learning Strategy?

Want to Make a Difference in Your Organization's Learning Strategy?

Get instant access to decades of research and development and proven technology that now delivers:

  • Hassle-free learning and administration environments.
  • Stand-alone training tracking.
  • Training to create "Top Performers".
  • Outside-the-box solutions for your training needs.
  • Support-free customized or Flash-converted courses that just work.
  • Measurable ROI with reliable deliverables.

Check out all of our products and services below.

The Last LMS You'll Ever Need


Learning in the workplace is changing.
We get it.

AbilityLMS can handle any type of learning delivery and learning management need your organization may have. It's the perfect learning solution for business and high education that:

  • Will keep your people focused on learning, not the LMS...
  • Can scale as your company grows from 10 to over 100,000 learners without missing a beat...
  • Tracks everything and let's you report on anything...
  • Frees up your time by automating repetitive task...
  • Increases productivity by keeping your learners engaged...
  • Simplify even the most complex processes with powerful administration tools.
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Track Any Kind of Training from Anywhere

Step away from the unwieldy spreadsheets, free up your time, centralize your training data and be confident that your training information is up to date and correct.

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With AbilityTracker you can track any type of training from smartphones, tablets, PC or Mac. No Internet access? Not a problem. All information is stored locally and then synced up LMS once Internet access is regained.

With AbilityTracker Plus, you can also read employee cards using QR codes, bar codes or mag stripes.

Create Top Performers

Could your organization use more top performers? With Ability Platform and the right balance of curated content, you can do just that. From courses on Leadership to Project Management to Sales to Customer Service, we have you covered. And our client's are reporting up to 3 times industry average engagement and a terrific ROI

Ability Platform is the perfect merge of professionally crafted content, binge learning technology, automated notifications, easy access to courses and admin tools that make everyones life easier.

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Support-Free Courses That Just Work — And Your Learners Love

We have a wealth of available training content, but no off-the-shelf content can cover every need of every business. If you need training developed, we have a team of experienced course developers with core skillsets in instructional design, story boarding, video production and professional narration. We can even get courses from Flash or converted into multiple languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Hindi and more.

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Courses that work

Learning Done Your Way

Every company is unique. Because of this, MaxIT has been engaged to develop unique learning solutions that are amazing. Much of this work is now part of our technology, allowing you to take advantage of some powerful tools.

We love a challenge. If you need something different or unique, we can create specialized processes or tools that will do exactly what you want the way you want it done. We've never been given a learning technology challenge that we couldn't addresses and deliver.