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Beyond YouTube Playlists – Enhancing Learning with Video Libraries in Your LMS

In today’s digital era, the utilization of video content in training and education has skyrocketed. However, relying solely on YouTube playlists to manage training videos often falls short of meeting the diverse needs of modern learners. In this blog post, we’ll explore how leveraging a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage a library of training videos can revolutionize the learning experience.

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The Right Tools for the Job: Why Your LMS Shouldn’t Try to Do It All 

This article explores the pros and cons of each approach. We’ll cover the drawbacks of authoring in LMS platforms, the benefits of specialized tools, emerging cloud-based options, and the criteria for selecting the right tools for your needs. The goal is to provide a balanced perspective to help you make informed decisions about authoring tools and strategies.

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Optimizing Your Learning Experience: 8 LMS Hacks

In the ever-evolving landscape of online learning, making the most of your Learning Management System (LMS) is crucial for efficient training delivery. Here are eight hacks to enhance the effectiveness of your LMS without relying on gamification or social learning features.

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